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City:   Brooklyn
State:   New York
Country:   United States

VIEWS: 11013

Ghetto God EP
Mixtape | Release date: 2/10/17     
Plays(3985) Downloads(499)
Releases (3)
Ghetto God EP
Ghetto God EP
Release date: 2/10/17
Yellow Tape - King Kong & Godzilla
Yellow Tape - King...
Release date: 3/25/16
K.O.B. 3 Mixtape
K.O.B. 3 Mixtap...
Release date: 8/11/15
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Artist Details
City:   Brooklyn
State:   New York
Country:   United States
Genre:   Hip-hop   
Description:   Solo Artist
Status:   Signed
Artist Type:   Rapper   
Ethnic Background:   African American
Artist Skills
Stage Presence Level:   Professional
Performance Level:   Professional
Dancing Level:   N/A
Ever notice that when you listen to New York radio the rotation of rappers you’re listening to hasn’t changed since the year 2002? The airwaves are still dominated by Jay-Z, Nas, Diddy, 50 Cent, Dip Set, and Fat Joe, just to name a few. Meanwhile, the Big Apple is stuck in a rut of monotony, and most New Yorkers are convinced that the game isn’t what it used to be. But maybe the game isn’t the issue at all – perhaps it’s the players. It’s time for some new blood. Time for the emergence of fresh talent to identify with a new era of hip-hop fans. It’s time for Maino. Having used the mixtape circuit to cull a strong following, Brooklyn, NY native Maino is no longer his borough’s best-kept secret. The swagger-rich MC is now in a position to present a brand new look to hip-hop with his debut Atlantic album, If Tomorrow Comes… “I don’t want to say let’s bring New York back, but let’s bring New York forward,” he says. “And the only way to bring it forward is to breathe new life into it. That’s how you keep hip-hop alive, you give birth to the new. I want to be the one bringing that new life.”
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