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Humongous The God
City:   Orlando
State:   Florida
Country:   United States

VIEWS: 6385

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Singles | Release date: 3/20/15     
Plays(275) Downloads(0)
Releases (2)
In Gwalla We Trust
In Gwalla We Tr...
Release date: 2/3/16
Release date: 3/20/15


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Artist Details
City:   Orlando
State:   Florida
Country:   United States
Genre:   Hip-hop   
Description:   Solo Artist
Status:   Unsigned
Artist Type:   Rapper   
Ethnic Background:   Hispanic
Artist Skills
Stage Presence Level:   Professional
Performance Level:   Professional
Dancing Level:   N/A
HXTXG Biography

New Jersey native Humongous was born to be one of a kind. A young pupil full of imagination, creativity, and an unexplainable amount of talent, was a sign that he would one day rise to the top of the industry. His mother, believing in him so, placed him into a “Head-Start” school at the early age of three. Even at this premature stage in his life, young Humongous was excited to be obtaining knowledge that not many of his peers would be exposed to. Traditional studies weren’t the only thing that this fruitful adolescent would learn because he would later come to learn that he and his mother of soon to be two children will be moving to Florida for a new start. Upon arrival he shortly found himself in the difficult streets of Miami. Without choice moving from New York, France, Miami, & Tampa he and his family finally arrive in Orlando. Having no permanent father figure Humongous was forced to put aside childish things and learn to become a man. But of course having no positive influence Humongous had drifted from his talented imagination & became a “hustler” dealing anything from drugs and weapons to even offering protection for a price. It was obvious he was headed toward a path of destruction. After losing the lives of a few close friends due to gang violence and incarceration he decided to turn a new leaf. Reaching the prime age of 21 seemed to only be a dream if his negatively influenced lifestyle continued. The only option was to drop the guns and drugs, and grab the dreams and motivation to pursue his career as an artist. Unfortunately this decision would have to be made behind bars, currently fighting to beat a 16 year sentence Humongous made a promise to his self. That if he should ever walk the streets free again it would be with a new state of mind, the kind of mind he had drifted from years ago. It would be this decision that would give birth to “Humongous the God”. After regaining his freedom he set out on his journey to success, his journey toward becoming a legendary icon in the music industry. & this journey starts back in France.
City: New York
State: NY
Type: Others
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