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Came Up ft. Mai cover


Came Up ft. Maino

Twan Da Dude

Hip Hop Hits (D cover


Hip Hop Hits (Digital Playlist Vol.2)

Hip Hop Hits

Dedication 6 cover


Dedication 6

Lil Wayne

Appetizer 7 cover


Appetizer 7


Aint No Mixtape cover


Aint No Mixtape Bih 3


OTF IKEY - Sign cover


OTF IKEY - Signed To The Family

Sam Hoody

Robots & Rocket cover


Robots & Rocketships


Rap Up 2017 cover


Rap Up 2017

Uncle Murda

"Hip Hop Hits" Digital Playlist Vol.2


"Twan Da Dude" Came Up ft. Maino


"Curci" Robots & Rocketships


"Uncle Mudra" Rap Up 2017


"OTF IKEY" Signed To The Family (Hosted by Sam Hoody)


"Curci" Home Again


"Lil Wayne" Dedication 6


"Plies" Ain't No Mixtape Bih 3


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Lil Wayne
City:   New Orleans
State:   Louisiana
Country:   United States

VIEWS: 93963

Dedication 6
Mixtape | Release date: 12/26/17     
Plays(5972) Downloads(481)
Releases (5)
Dedication 6
Dedication 6
Release date: 12/26/17
Release date: 2/27/16
Free Weezy Album (FWA)
Free Weezy Album...
Release date: 7/3/15
Dedication 5
Dedication 5
Release date: 8/13/13
Commas (Remix)
Commas (Remix)
Release date: 4/14/15

Lil Wayne - Grindin' (Explicit) ft. Drake

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Artist Details
City:   New Orleans
State:   Louisiana
Country:   United States
Genre:   Hip-hop   
Description:   Solo Artist
Status:   Signed
Artist Type:   Rapper   
Ethnic Background:   African American
Artist Skills
Stage Presence Level:   Professional
Performance Level:   Professional
Dancing Level:   N/A
Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., who you will know better as Lil Wayne, is a rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. At the beginning, he was a part of the hip-hop group Hot Boys, who he released three albums with. After the members of the group went their own separate ways, Weezy F Baby released his own solo album, Tha Block Is Hot, on Cash Money Records which went Platinum and since then, Tunechi has not stopped – only aiming higher. Mr. Carter‘s own struggle from nothing to everything shows that he has the expertise to guide others through the same path and, as he has made no secret, to make him more money.
Lil Wayne is also the founder of his own record label called Young Money Entertainment. Having released ten solo studio albums to date, Weezy has enough knowledge about the industry to be able to lead the Young Mula army to the top of the charts. Tune has shown that he has a eye for talent as he has spotted diamonds in the rough who have then shot up to fame and fortune thanks to his guidance. This includes the likes of Drake and Nicki Minaj. Wayne also has a different approach to signing talent because he handpicks artists that he likes personally rather than who he thinks the mass public will like. Additionally, Lil Wayne is famous for having a laid back approach to his artists as he allows them full creative control over their material.

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